FRIEDL of the empty pockets

a "hiking theater" leading from vent to niederjochferner glacier in ötztal, tirol. taking place from 09 to 15 september 2015...

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dance of the trees at donaupark: lawine torrèn will visualize the linzer klangwolke in 2015 for the third time on september 5, 2015. more information


sägewerk (saw mill)

sägewerk at sommerszene 2015: for the first time since 1999, lawine torrèn was performing on a traditional stage and not in the open air... more information




lawine torrèn in 30 seconds

founded in the summer of 1992, lawine torrèn is a network of dancers, actors, media-artists, and technicians, who often create performances in monumental, real landscapes. to the video clip