"friday girl" (nina's song)

composition peter valentin

singing magdalena chowaniec

text joey wimplinger


a summer hit about a young woman, who has the men at her feet.

there would be a lot of good "offers", but nina either doesn't want to be a "girl friday" nor a "girl for friday evening", a "friday girl" ("you know, child, saturday and sunday, the friends, the races".)

no. there she continues rather being a photo model, goes her own way and leads a free life.


friday girl.mp3


"not enough to go round"

composition & vocals peter valentin

text joey wimplinger


… i'm an employer,  a family man / i encourage reforms to achieve the thing's end / but it seems not enough to go round …

not enough to go round.mp3


terzet funeral  ("i am so glad")

composition peter valentin
vocals magdalena chowaniec, eva hinterreithner, peter valentin

text joey wimplinger

… i am so glad, that you were the one / i thank you so much / for his most beloved car …


… i'm so glad that you both were the guys / who accompanied jochen in hitting his peak / in staying his fast and his uncertain course / tis mine your suppliant now to be / ah, let the band of love - be three …