hubert lepka has a gift for overstatement


a theatre that has no equal in the world
theater heute

hubert lepka is considered a man of music as well as of engines.
der standard

machines and the forces of nature united in monstrous vastness
die welt

un drame surprenant
la libération

when hubert lepka transforms his machine dreams into images he unsettles the foundations of dance theatre.
trying to glance at the construction plan of life
salzburger nachrichten

widely known for his "multi-media maximalism"
the perpendicular is their profession

the intrusion of art into reality
mittelbayerische zeitung

when snow groomers that are weighing tons move extremely graceful in formation dancing for minutes, you can feel the director's long-term intention to discover the soul of these technical objects.
some of the vehicles' actions amount to nothing more than repetition, others suddenly reveal unexpected grace
frankfurter allgemeine zeitung

hubert lepka, poète mécanicien
la voix du nord

grand scale is something of an understatement
the new york times

only the moon remains mute in this thrilling world of mountains.
neue züricher zeitung

chorégraphie sur pendule géant et réacteur sovietique
le monde

the austrian director hubert lepka does not less than forming a whole mountain landscape to a stage of a spectacle.
der spiegel

recibido con entusiuasmo el día del estreno por un público muy joven, que también applaudió las arias de constanza o el maravilloso cuarteto.
el país

absurd magnificence
frieze magazine

actores, bailarines e ingenieros cuya pecularidad es que se alejan del teatro que todos conocemos para incorporar tractores, excavadores, trenes y aviones.
economista, mexico

een half uur lang stond het publiek met open mond naar de zuidelijke gevel van het gebouw te kijken...een soort choreographie in de licht, geluid en vuur afwisselden met acrobatische hoogstandjes en dansant uitgevoerd bewegingstheater
brabants dagblad

per palcoscenico il cielo dove 'reciteranno' 40 uomini e 40 aerei.
corriere della sera

applaudissements et bravos fusent. ouf! on a eu chaud. un spectacle inattendu, et le mot est faible.

even avalanches are set off for art's sake

i gasped involuntarily when our computer man climbs onto the sceletal harp of a grand piano and is lifted by the crane to the level of the factory roof where a man with a flame thrower sends a few fiery greetings in his general direction.
attitude, brooklyn ny

dream, fantasy, speculation, astonishment and wondering – all bets are off.
kronen zeitung

at salzburg airport greek mythology ascends to heaven
die presse

salzburg's sky as setting

el director sublima los cacharros bélicos a la categoría de actores, de arquetipos míticos, de instrumentos puramente teatrales.
el mundo

ecstasy and a horror trip of chaotic magic that radically re-defines the categories of sensuality and aesthetics.
münchner abendzeitung

harnessed to a 70-meter rope, zutic swung back and forth, propelling herself from a raised mound - the stage - as cars swerved past her. lepka’s productions employ salzburg’s modern dancers. he has a gift, definitely, says zutic. plus he has gifted people working for him.
village voice

heroic epic in poetic images, technical means that are state-of-the-art and a thrilling choreography
süddeutsche zeitung

sensational stage

a contemporary parable on love, the striving for power, intrigues and global politics performed on a gigantic open-air stage.
berliner zeitung


lepka's productions are pompous – but nevertheless abstract.
hamburger abendblatt