chamber music for 4 engines and personnel

108 EB was the attempt to intonate johann sebastian bach's "art of fugue" with four bare engines hanging on ropes from the ceiling of a theatre. this project was scandalous in several respects: it staged four dancers, choreographers, and doctors who had nothing else to do but being car mechanics.

its intentions overstrained the musical possibilities of the instruments – the engines.

unbearable noise and penetrating smell were produced at the golden age of ecological fundamentalism.

nothing of this work seemed to be "right", in fact everything was wrong – but that's exactly the reason that gave 108 EB (named after ettore bugatti's year of birth) its special actuality.

nowadays its probably a museum play. not to dance has become an epidemic attitude in the minimalism of these days, making music with engines has never been a new idea, and ecological fundamentalism has made way for catalysts and the hollywood mainstream. so what remains? reminiscence maybe and the still awesome feeling of obtrusively exploding pistons.

the engines were fixed on palfinger cranes provided by the company kuhn.