frutiger is a process of pictorial design that culminates in an open air performance at the remaining akademiestraße-buildings in salzburg nonntal. 30 minutes of the university's demolition are documented by performative archeology as an "invisible tale". (a disclosure of what began with the opening by minister herta firnberg.)

as a typograph adrian frutiger knew how to transform movement and moods into characters. his friend otl was responsible for the graphic appearance of the 1972 olympic games in munich – bright games in the metropolis with heart, that generously took in the later terrorists. frutiger does not deal with munich 1972, nor with the mideast conflict. it doesn't care about the fine-tuned oscillating circuit of suicide and attention. frutiger is about the power and the impotence of signs and shows images in mixed technique. 30% demolition, 30% contemporary dance, 20% MEL and admixtures of olympia 1972 (10%) as well as salzburgs student movement (10%).

photographs, film and performance are compositions of a reality that wants to be shown by the media and therefore compost in memory. meaningless memory that doesn't help anybody. to become true it needs performance, real occurring. frutiger is a model laboratory for signs of the times, future images and visiotypes

frutiger | premier within tanz_house festival 2012

october 18, 2012, 6.30 p.m.

akademiestraße 26, admission free 


supported by salzburg stadt:kultur, kultur - land salzburg, rewarded by bm:ukk