a mining performance to celebrate 1,300 years of ore mining at the styrian erzberg.


GANGART a choreography for mining machinery and iron ore
by lawine torrèn – a mountain parade. on september 22, 2012, 02.00 pm.

erzberg, eisenerz, styria.


the erzberg scenery: several hundred million tons of exploitable ore, a zen-garden with incredible dimensions form the stage for concerted action by all of va erzberg's mining machines and a handful of dancers from lawine torrèn.
the crystal system of siderite serves as a reference point for the choreography's spatial structure. the waste rock that is separated from the siderite is called gangart –
in modern mining it is used for various purposes: in civil engineering, as fill up material, and in the case at hand: for art.

the dancers seem too small besides the giant mining machines. by using "viewpoint",
a technique of improvisation by mary overlie  lawine torrèn integrate this "wrong" feeling of space into a subtle network of mountain, mining equipment and contemporary dance. the road noises of the engines, the rumbling thunder of falling rocks, explosions, siren's wailing, and the metallic guitars of sawoff shotgun's three sisters are composed into a soundtrack, that isn't made for the performance, but originates in it. inspiration: cage in the over-dimensional ryoanji-garden.



© 2012, a production by lawine torrèn for eisenerz*art 2012
on behalf of va erzberg gmbh.