how could the opening of a house better be staged than by using the new building in an unconventional way, that will help the future users to understand the building by its echo? in the case of the new FACC technology centre in st. martin/innkreis it was like this:

in the beginning the inside of the building lies in the eye of the beholder just like a model template for a photography of thomas demand – totally unconsumed. when the dancers occupy the room they do it like puppets, that don't leave any marks at the cafeteria. 

then outside: the FACC aircraft parts that are developed and produced here are loaded into transport boxes to be delivered into the whole world by railway, ship or airplane. hundreds of these boxes are stored around the building. the new facade adopts this motive: from the top floors nine bays protrude beyond the wall just like bricks in a brick tower game. the choreography readopts this idea and transforms five specially equipped boxes to dioramas, that open an interaction between forklifts, a crane and trucks in front of the illuminated building.
we start with a magic trick. one of the dancers gets into a wooden box with the inscription "protect me from what i want". her exact look-alike enters in a green box on a forklift and opens the lid. now they are two of them. in the next box the band ROIA performs the appropriate soundtrack live. and in the windows of one floor a message becomes readable: "you do not have to read this, it is anyway there."