DRACHEN (DRAGONS) are deliberate human inventions given the task to protect treasures from unauthorized access. this thesis of josef reicholf should be proved performatively and figuratively by means of a motor vehicle that acted as deterrent in the cold war. a russian KRAS army truck floating fire-spitting on a crane above the cathedral of salzburg. could gerlinde roidinger prevent the art theft with her sword? or would she gain access to the dome treasure for herself?

basically DRACHEN is a performative setting with dance, truckflight on a crane, stunts and fire. it's not about making as many people as possible shiver but about the iconographic transformation and illustration of a mythological process by photography and film ("invisible tale").

the performance took place at the kapitelplatz square at dusk and provided many visitors and cameras with the opportunity to image the fire-spitting flying truck as dragon in the skyline of salzburg. meanwhile, choreographed human movement proceeded on the ground and on the lifted object.

this means: we tell the story of an idealized dragon, that is about to plunder salzburg's art treasures. behind that lies the question of the genealogy of the dragon as a symbol for threat and saving grace through courage. how is this "story" encoded? how did it arise, how is it passed on? what could be its reason? what's its internal structure that secures its survival? 
so, it's about perpetuating the dragon's myth with the possibilities of contemporary dance and technical means that beside their functionality always appeal to archaic patterns, too.


DRACHEN – a shooting performance 

thu oct. 17, 2013, kapitelplatz, salzburg 

6:00-7:00 pm

in cooperation with tanz_house herbst, altstadt salzburg marketing and domquartier with support of salzburg stadt:kultur and kultur - land salzburg