lawine torrèn creates an art project on the bridal procession and the wedding of maximilian I. for the city of wels

in 2019 the city of wels will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of emperor maximilian who died in wels. with a view to this extraordinary jubilee wels invites you to make a time leap: a wedding ceremony in wels in the renaissance era. therefore an elaborate theatre scene will be filmed in the foyer of, which needs support from the audience ("the people") in order to give the bridal couple a proper welcome.

in preparation for the proceedings a photo-comic was made in march. one episode will be published in the news, another one in the welskultur periodical. the highlight will be a live performance on may 16 at 6.30 pm in the foyer of wels, where  a TV and web clip will be produced with the collaboration of the audience.

"i call this work an `invisible tale´ because it deals with a great story that emerges only to a small amount – just like an iceberg. we tell the story of maximilian's fabulous wedding to mary of burgundy in three different ways: as a comic, as a performance, and as a film." (producer hubert lepka)

"max.imilian": live performance on may 16, 2013, 6.30 pm in the foyer of the wels, admission free.
commissional work for in cooperation with wels marketing & touristik gmbh and wels kultur. >> winner austrian event award <<