angel (engel) are subject to evolutionary changes. as they are not really needed by the religions they originated from, they are looking for new masters in order to survive. we will liberate them from their dependence.

an independent survey of the flight of angels.
an invisible tale by lawine torrèn.

appearance and reality

engel is a performative setting where a dancer, fixed on a wing, floats through the airspace after being called by the choir.
this floating exists in its pure form for the camera only. in its representing reality the wing is attached to a rotator which moves in the open air through the arm of a digger.

film and still photography are the primary aim. in order to produce these unrealistic images, a special "performance" is needed: the film and photo shootings are performative acts, they themselves are exactly the happenings in the focus of attention. the essence of the project lies on its double meaning, just like the essence of angels.

dramatization and music

engel is an iconographic transformation and illustration of a mythological happening through photography, film, and music. (invisible tale)

the sound score is formed by an a capella song from the renaissance and appears as an independent artistic level. (tomás luis de victoria - „o magnum mysterium“).

8 male voices call from the kollegien church and form an acoustic guide beam for the angel to follow with his message.
how to be in world without destroying its beauty? that is the question that was posed beforehand within a workshop in the forest of michaelbeuern. the angel promises the answer.

performative shooting 

february 1, 2015 | salzburg | university square 
kollegien church

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invisible tale

in a choreographic-cinematic process we edit a new masterpiece from the material. the  film scenes from university square combined with the music recorded in the church result in a new piece of art: a public moving image sculpture placed at the most universal location ever, the internet.
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