twilight. the rettenbach glacier in sölden is preparing to participate as an actor in the world's probably largest stage play which will start in a few minutes. surrounded by infinite silence the glacier plunges his white sides into the icy blue, just to jump as a snow-covered bugaboo out of an avalanche at hannibal's africans a little later.

directed by hubert lepka antique myth, people, media and machines will be interwoven to a popular multi-media play at the rettenbach glacier for the tenth time now. as unbelievable as hannibal's manoeuvre to traverse the alps with tens of thousands of warriors and 37 elephants seems, as unique is the production of lawine torrèn at 3,000 meters above sea level.

a fulminating and at the same time delicate choreography for snow groomers, aeroplanes, helicopters, motocross bikes, skidoos, skydivers, skiers and dancers – all in all more than 500 participants, which are animating the antique legend in combination with previously unknown lighting effects, moving music compositions, breaking news by karthago tv and scenic pyrotechnics.

in this all-encompassing digital world, where the last remains of darkness are denatured by street lights, HANNIBAL is an atavistic attempt to make first-hand experience of our history, the conflicting nature of our occidental culture, and the fragility of an existence that is based on former roman dominance – 3,000m above sea level, in all weathers and with all senses.

the production's success bases on the reports of yearly 5,000 to 8,000 visitors, that have seen hannibal on the glacier. the producers – sölden, red bull and lawine torrèn – feel confident that this project could become a kind of everyman of the alps. be there to see it live! and if you have ever seen it, you will want to come back!


glacial theatre
april 12, 2017 | 7.30 p.m. | rettenbach glacier | sölden | austria
>> winner of the austrian event award!

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