a historico-cultural and time-critical show for the millennium

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the leopard skin of tractor density

tractor clans meet in the natural arena around hagenau castle for a theatre of tractors at the inn river


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firewall #9

inauguration of the allianz-building in unterföhring


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driven by distinct

a production for audi austria

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orpheus// danube// euridyce

mise en scène of an adaption of the classical story for the commercial harbour in linz

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parrochia rastat

transformation of the whole northern city wall of radstadt into a open-air theatre stage

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mc cartney's letter

inauguration porschehof salzburg


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the half-horizon

a greek story of godesses of and with airplanes and humans

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the abduction from the seraglio

digital version of the opera by w. a. mozart 



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blue steel

alchimistic representation of blast furnace processes at the world cultural hertiage of völklinger hütte (saarland)

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a tale of the departure from a cement factory towards paradise

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just the high point

open-air for interpolis/rabobank tilburg


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a power from the north

open-air/videoessay for the inauguration of heizkraftwerk nord 

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zorn of god

a poetical discourse around jean luc godard’s "le mépris"

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in the midst of the realm of dreadful powers

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1161-tank buster

dance thriller in the crime genre 


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108 eb

chamber music for 4 engines and personnel


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the stated year dates mark the year of origin of each production.