video, orf salzburg, 1989 (in german language only)


"... probably the most exciting and impressing performance salzburg has ever seen." (orf, siegbert stronegger)

"the physical impression is overwhelming in every sense..." (tiroler tageszeitung)

"...a ludicrous anarcho-concert – excitingly, aggressively and radically overstepping the bounds of (good) taste. 108 eb is a rush, a horror trip, that radically redefines the categories of sensuality and aesthetics with chaotic magic..." (az-stern der woche, münchener az)

"it was all about virile implications of the orchestra as well as the car race, the sound of acceleration parallel to mozart's ideomeneo and the sounds of karajan's requiem at the dome of salzburg in 1989. 108 eb originates in the same year and therefore has already become a classic example of austrian choreography."
(der standard
, helmut ploebst)


"applaudissements et bravos fusent. ouf! on a eu chaud. un spectacle inattendu,
et le mot est faible." (l´humanité, philippe meunier)

restaging at the impulstanz festival 2004:

(all articles in german only)

"lepka, vandekeybus, tompkins: ein poet als ladykracher"
der standard (helmut ploebst)

"roll over carajan"
der falter (interview with wolfgang kralicek)

"niemals konzeptkunst: kammermusik mit motoren: hubert lepka bei impulstanz"
apa (interview with judith helmer)