...contributed the highlight to last year's sommerszene.
salzburger fenster

the dance actionist hubert lepka from salzburg is a genius in fulfilling his (machine) dreams.
salzburger nachrichten (günther verdin)

it was a battle of the gods. a shining wall with running water, a finger giantically towering up into the dark sky, a door with a snorting black monster coming out, fire-spitting warriors, roaring war horses of steel, and in between – small but agile – humans. a spectacle that makes you feel sorry for those who haven't seen it.
salzburger volkszeitung (meinrad rahofer)

no doubt, "a power from the north" by beda percht, hubert lepka and their ensembles lawine torrèn and cataracts, was the most impressing and spectacular event of this year's sommerszene and urgently needed.
oberösterreichische nachrichten (ilse retzek)