the true, heavenly, daring heavy-metal theatre.
salzburger nachrichten (karl harb)

what seems to be the apocalypse (as even the smashing pumpkins mean "love is suicide") will come out alright, when a bright white-dressed angel figure hovers through the night sky. the mining romance ends tenderly on the bucket of a caterpillar. with a courageous ensemble and perfect technique, lepka emphasized his reputation as master of the machines. he created a fascinating, breath-taking trip in strange worlds beyond reality.
tennengauer nachrichten (bernhard flieher)

in "kalkstadt" machines rule. one human couple has to accept that fact as soon as their car is grabbed by a crane and hurtles through the air. the crane prances, just as if it shakes with laughter. and that's just the beginning. hubert lepka is the wizard of the machine ghosts and their philosopher.
salzburger volkszeitung (meinrad rahofer)

"pictures taken from reality describing the unreal" lepka says. a dark future space, a funny presence adventure. what makes it beautiful and entertaining is the fact, that it's somehow an extended "sand box area". dream, fantasy, speculation, astonishment and wonder – everything is possible.
kronen zeitung (hans langwallner)