hubert lepka, poète mécanicien
la voix du nord


every few years the local art scene provides remarkable key events and experiences. hubert lepka's "chamber music for four engines" was one of those. and now this dr. lepka sets a new milestone of almost magical power with his stage project "newton – in the horrible empire of powers".
kronen zeitung (hans langwallner)

when hubert lepka transforms his machine dreams into images, he unsettles the foundations of dance theatre – and those of the stadtkino hall anyway. there the fulminant and exciting start of the festival "salzburg : tanz" took place...
salzburger nachrichten (günther verdin)

the power of lepka's play doesn't arise from the intensification of extreme situations or danger, but from the poetical synthesis of different discourses: the discourse of mechanics and electronics, of performance and the aesthetics of machines and technology.
salzburger volkszeitung (stefan weber)

this ideas-freak lepka brings technology and tension in the audience to the boil ... staged a disturbing grotesque. fantastic!
oberösterreichische nachrichten (ilse retzek)

at the end of this – in the true sense of the word – breath-taking theatre evening chaos rules instead of mathematic laws. entropy wins and will not be overruled before henry purcell's earworm "pleasure devine" resounds. this musical work by newton's famous contemporary provides a keyword for the valuation of the celebrated event.
kleine zeitung

chorégraphie sur pendule géant et réacteur sovietique.
le monde (colette godard)