a story you are (not really) familiar with:

„all of a sudden and unexpected constance, her friend blonde and the programmer pedrillo disappear during a short simsurfs at the internet. at first sight it seems they vanished without a trace, until pedrillios' surprising e-mail addressed to constance's sweetheart belmonte sheds light upon the question where those who were thought to be lost might be. immediately belmonte joins the search simulator, his only weapon is an e-companies merchandising cd-rom which contains a hidden engraved resource-programme that pedrillo urgently needs. what for? during one of the pleasure journeys through the net constance, blonde and pedrillo were captured by a sinister, unfathomable and non manifest greatness - an ominous system called `bassaselim´. the system either fundamentally has its eyes on the goal to initialize prisoners (to appropriate their digital existence) or he specially aims for constance to turn her into a living screen- and love-object to his exclusively synthetic existence. anyhow belmonte has finally no other chance than to suspect the latter. after he has smuggled himself via the homepage of a certain osmin into the `bassa's serail´ tools he was trapped in between burning lasers and malicious orangepeels and secretly eavesdropped on the enormous wonder wall of `bassaselim´. however, osmin - `bassaselim's´ helping hand and genius system administrator - not only protects the system against undesirable access of any „tom, dick or flash harry", he indeed is also familiar with `decapitating and hanging´. mainly pedrillo feels the full force of osmin's talents, while osmin only has eyes for blonde, pedrillo's girlfriend (`it's the pixel pictures of blonde that stimulate osmin to desires her´). while the trio blonde-pedrillo-osmin basically tease and pet each other more than really fight against, based on her character the more earnest constance interprets her supposed desperate situation as dangerously `final´. this fact forces pedrillo to immediately and hastily take the chance to escape. the programme belmonte has brought with him all of a sudden makes it possible to carry out plans of escape by trying to manipulate osmin's alarm system (`maybe there is one code too much´) with lethal pict-steps."

(joey wimplinger)