an opening event for the roll out of red bull mobile

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love turn

miniature theatre inspired by leo tolstoi

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the transformation of alphaville

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a tale of tanks

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mars : 2068

a real-time science fiction


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private senses

a performance for the roemerquelle relaunch

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french cut

a ménage à trois for the opening of the new parlour by sturmayr

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division at banks

klangwolke linz 2005


a historical deviation of the river danube

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108 EB

chamber music for 4 engines and personnel


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if music be the food of love

mise-en-scène of the new mercedes benz class a

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comfort speed design

launch event for audi austria

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taurus rubens

aerial theatre

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la vie mécanique

palfinger's dancing cranes


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origin of delight

launch event for the audi a8

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alpha wolf

a science-fiction-story between jack london and stanley kubrick

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dance on 60°

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knights club

a hybrid plot which operates precisely between film and performance with the aid of the internet.


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euro parade

350 tons of euros on their way to salzburg

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savage air

a story about the dangers and the beauty of the airspace at the air base in zeltweg

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hearing monkeys

five scientists investigate the biologically-socially ambivalent construction of sex.
a ballet of ideas and a formal inquest on the threshold of the biotech age

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the stated year dates mark the year of the most recent play of each production.