launch event for the presentation of the audi a6.

especially for the presentation of the audi a6 lawine torrèn created a choreography of slow parallel movements for dancers, machines, media and the principal actor, the audi a6. therefore the three main elements of the new audi a6 - comfort, speed and design - where picked out as central themes and artistically interpreted at different levels: realistic, visual and in media.

a performance that took place during the twilight of april 22, 2004 at hangar-7, salzburg airport and on april 29, 2004 at the vienna fair, at the border area of the glass exterior of foyer d. there the surface made out of glass acted as a panel of installation and refraction of light information from the area outside and inside. indoors dance and choreography took place in front of a real virtual background - outdoors a situation like in a wind-tunnel was simulated, so that the car was shown in a combination of light and lee, in never ending movement, acceleration and slow-motion.


a production by lawine torrèn for audi austria.