ménage à trois

on the occasion of the opening of the new salon sturmayr on the top floor of café l'europe at wiener graben the guests can watch a ménage a trois on the facade of the opposite building. in its three big windows the viewers face the surface-covering projection of three movies. spatially directly in front of the projections are three women, alternately glaringly lighted or as shadows in front of the film.



nouvelle vague

march 1962. we are amidst the great names of the french cinema of the early 1960s. a new avant-garde of non-commercial francophone cinema is emerging. films are no longer shot in studios but in the street. the narrative style is fragmentary, the possibilities of camera movement and position are completely redefined. priority isn't merely given to description of reality – but rather to incoherent images that are assembled arbitrarily. montage – démontage. construction – déconstruction.



a production by lawine torrèn for sturmayr friseure in cooperation with princess communications