launch event for the new mercedes-benz a-class

june 24, 2004, salzburg airport, hangar-7, 500 guests by invitation. the outermost stratum of our intention is based on the sheds' elliptical construction made of steel. an ensemble of a long-sided pendulum construction functioning as a floating stage - the pendulum as a symbol of scale for precision, reliability, timeless presence and the standard metre of time. look through a membrane made of glass which is bathed in soft artificial light focused on the gate grounds and the apron between hangar-7 and hangar-8. in front of the audience the pendulum is floating above dark grey mud sand. it is suspended on a double axle which makes it possible to describe complex tori and thereby draw fractal patterns into the sand. each of these patterns are absolutely unique depending on the given new impetus of the pendulum.

four dancers, a historical trojan t28 of the flying bulls, an 170s daimler benz classic car and the new mercedes benz a-class are the protagonists. in their harmony the whole architecture of hangar-7, aircraft, chairs, the pendulum and the dancers summarise a complex fugue. the choreography's music for the a-class should not only be understood as something in the background but also as further electronic variation of bach's art of the fugue. a complex cross-over system of space, light, artwork, music and choreography make it possible to achieve utmost presence.

a production by lawine torrèn for mercedes benz austria