the idea: hybrid.

some cities can be printed on the front and backside of the same city map. you would provide them with the same legend: on the backside of essen there is linz. coal, steal, harbour, change, contemporary european cultural capital, folkwang, bruckner, ars electronica, zeche zollverein. every path in linz prepares for a path in essen. the junctions resemble each other, the content is already in the www. train stations, harbours, channels instead of senders, museums and arts clubs. linz is a training camp for the ruhr area.

each take of a film demands a performative intervention being filmed. each of lawine torrèn's performances needs the "tele-vision" of cameras and asks for cinematic documentation. to perfectly equilibrate these two aspects is the aesthetic aim of knights club. what remains, are a series of  performances and a movie reinforcing and supporting one another.

knights club is bifocal. on the opposite side of the expanded cinema lies the expanded shot: instead of excluding potential onlookers from the shot, we would like to get them involved, turning the performative aspect of each take into a performance (sometimes invisible). 


plot: obscure.

knights club is about the american billionaire mort michaels assigning the british mem-scientist susan blacksmith to inspect a group of experts of the F60 lab in linz. a lab conducting research on anti-thought-viruses and the place, where the billionaire's daughter had disappeared during a fact finding mission in the ruhr area.stupefyingly, two of her colleagues went missing on the exact same spot shortly afterwards. the last route through essen can be traced via video messages, gps and mms, but sending yet another colleague seems unreasonably hazardous. susan and the remaining of the F60 team start a quest for uninformed, i.e. uncontaminated, persons to bodyguard her on her trip to essen. the F60 lab implements a test track for essen in the lentos in linz. ten consecutive club nights (the "knights club") provide the setting for a raffle in which they seek to identify adequate travellers (the knights) to essen. however, a machination within F60 impedes their finishing the training. a phonecall from mort michaels, the financier, coerces a group around susan and two of the knights into hastily leaving for essen. an odyssey through a strange yet identical city begins, in which the lack of training as well as unknown followers prove the travellers' undoing.


technics: remote control.

all that is needed for a remote controlled raffle in essen is simply consumer technology: video phone, mms, gps and internet.

due to its charactaristics of the absence of a real place, the world wide web is the perfect tool for knights club. starting with the registration for the club up to the exploration and remote control in essen, the classics of the internet (haiku-generator, sodaconstructor, google earth, etc) and the project website itself, the internet is the decisive hub for all information processed.

thought through the end, the project can also take place in reverse direction, knights club taking place in essen with a fact finding mission to linz.