mars in the year 2068 AD. we find ourselves in a side valley of the expansive sierra hellispontis, a promontory of the olympus mons. 24,000 meters the highest mountain in the entire solar system.

two rival companies are fighting for the broadcasting rights for the olympus mons. MOL, the abbreviation for mars online, has its base next to a convenient landing-strip which is situated not far from the air-strip belonging to TROI, the terrestrial orbital industries. the entire mars economy is based not on money, instead it uses medial attention as a means of exchange.

science fiction

for earth, society on mars is something like a permanent expedition-mars-reality-soap, continuous observation by the media has become an end in itself to both colonies. their gains or losses are exclusively dependent on the (medial) attention attained amongst each other and on earth. whoever is on mars, is always online. this is a mission.


the surface of mars is covered by – like a conjuration from the past – by the nomenclature of places of classical ancient times. mars : 2068 purposely uses themes from homer, vergil and kubrick. like in a never-ending loop we find ourselves in the midst of a story where past and future are irrelevant.

space shuttle

the means of transport on TROI and its implication for the choreography deserve a special mention: TROI owns a small fleet of mars-bulls. these have been developed out of snow groomers and are light and powerful with special hydraulic elements. the use of hovercrafts in the way in which they move create an authentic science-fiction feature. the russian allwhee drive rocket transporter KRAS will be used as mobile lafette for large-scale pyrotechnics. cranes are used to lift excavators, performers, trucks, satelleites. each element hanging on the crane is individually choreographed during it's remarkable flight through the mars sky. the cableway serves as the means of public transport between the stations MOL and TROI. suspended to the »schwarze schneid« cableway is the comunication-bus »nacelle«, a specially designed space-cablecar for massive data transfer.


the central memory and medium of communication for every member of the mars community is the standard-teraflop PDA. this digital device covers every communication and assesses it as to whether or not it is interesting as broadcasting material. it is the central hub for the online-society.

mars base-station

the rettenbach glacier with its strange looking iceformations and long, soft stretches of snow contrasting with reddish coloured ragged primary rocks is the perfect arena for a science fiction drama which attempts to bring to life a version of future reality. mars station built out of snow and ice, mars(piste)bulls as the futuristic means of transport, vertical land ferries, telematics and a landscape iced with snow serve as background to this story about a war for medial attention: the story of the downfall of the mars base- station TROI.