two worlds – one show

on september 29, 2008 on the occasion of the launch event of red bull mobile lawine torrèn created the opening show at hangar-7. “brillant” said vanessa de lampedusa from red bulletin.

at rendez-vous two worlds meet each other. the world of communication and the world of red bull. chris pfeiffer the motorcycle-stunt-champion, bernd hupfauf his associate, moses kallweit the traceur, an oversized media-dashboard as big as the shed door, the road, the alpha-jet, tina havers and eva hager the female dancers, the apron and the neighbouring building, a row of amazons with pyrotechnic torches - all of them meet precisely in less than ten minutes at a show-jumping parcours because they are all supported by their red bull mobiles.


a vj-battle shown on four large screen panorama mixes live-pictures with found footage from the world of red bull and mobile broadband communication into a puzzle at the shed door. powered by beats of andres trentemøller this parcour d´elegance becomes a game of indefinite rules: maximum becomes minimum, velocity, extraordinary style, unusual ways - that is what counts most. the free section of the two teams at the apron of hangar-7 becomes a toe-dance on back wheels and alpha jet. »welcome to the world of red bull.«