between lotus and lola


the salzburg rallye club (s.r.c.) and the artists' network lawine torrèn produced an opera about the tragic death of the racing driver jochen rindt. the world premiere was staged in the twilight of july 30th, 2009 at the salzburg ring, austria.


on august 30th 1970, the 28-year-old austrian racing driver, and subsequent formula 1 world champion, drove his last race for the "festival prize of the city of salzburg". six days later he died in a training accident at monza. the performance is set at the original location and features the original racecars. an international ensemble of dancers, singers and actors reconstructed those last days of austria's only national hero in a dramatic opera with the essence of a documentary.

alongside john lennon, neil armstrong and janis joplin, a name from austria appeared on the horizon of fame during the revolutionary years of the beat music from 1967 to 1970: jochen rindt. be it in his raccoon coat or his full-face helmet, nobody else epitomised the new era as pointedly and nonchalantly as rindt.

how it all happened, how it looked, how it felt, how it smelled, how it sounded, how it roared, how love was, where the doubts arose from, how courage was nurtured - all this is what the racing driver opera is about - in the style of a docudrama, bearing the hallmarks of lawine torrèn.

"as tragic as the end of this hero of the pop-era was, we remember him with the sentiment that he did not die for nothing. often, the triteness of his accidental death flagrantly contradicts the myths of heroism and redemption following him. accommodating both at the same time, the simplicity and the uniqueness of this hero and his time, is our very concern", says director hubert lepka.



world premiere thursday, july 30th, 2009, salzburgring, austria
further performances july 31st, august 1st and 2nd 2009