in the age of the automobile, it not only begins in a limousine, it often ends there: love. what would it be like if, during our ride through the landscape of relationships, we had a kind of gps, a navigational system to show us the way? "turn left now, you have reached your destination after 300 meters. welcome to your destiny."


right there in the back seat, this theater-in-miniature takes three audience members on a journey through the last few meters of a couple's love affair. inspired by leo tolstoy's anna karenina, the trip is an homage to this genius of a novel and to meticulousness.

the love turn cycle 

the love turn cycle, consisting of three modules; skyhook, dinner mit jérôme and love turn, can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle, in which each component represents a story by itself, on the other hand, each small module is a part of a larger picture. thus, the cycle is constructed like a serial novel written by different authors parting only from the last sentence of the previous chapter. in various episodes, penetrating urban and public space, visitors are voyeuristically experiencing intricate intimate situations of the story of anna and alex. love turn is the first module of the cycle and can be combined in multifaceted ways with any other module.