the enzos' entering as performative architecture.
the choreography of dancers and stacker trucks.

in sofa machine hubert lepka focuses on the location of the tanzquartier wien in the museumsquartier – concerning its architectural as well as its social dimension. this outdoor-project, which is produced on behalf of tanzquartier wien for the celebration of "10 years mq", connects historical events with the present-day use of the area and enmeshes the emperor's forum, the royal mews, the town living room and yard furniture in a discussion about architecture, dance and performance.
on the occasion of the 10th anniversary and referring to the horse ballet, that was staged by emperor leopold himself in 1667 in order to honor his bride, the spanish infanta margarita, in hubert lepka's spacious production dancers, bands, stacker trucks, yard furniture named enzo and enzi, and a crane are staged in three dimensions.


sofa machine
may 25, 2011, 8:30 pm, MQ main yard

© 2011, produced by tanzquartier wien and lawine torrèn in coproduction with museumsquartier wien in celebration of "10 years mq" in association with konservatorium privatuniversität wien, associate producer: jungheinrich.