love, anger, and exposed concrete

on 27 march 2009 a secret was disclosed in innsbruck: invited international guests were gathering for the premiere of a cinemascope thriller at a secret venue. meeting point was the congress station of zaha hadid's hungerburg funicular.

the beast is based on the tale of "the beauty and the beast": martha is raging with anger. a rose, 'blooming' on the virgin wall of exposed concrete of the hungerburg funicular, is what infuriates her. ben – young, the driver of a snow groomer – is the graffiti artist. security is after him. martha then confiscates his snowcat and hands it over to the atomic research corporation of professor zbigniew zielinsky. it is only after having removed all his 'roses' that ben shall be given back his machine. professor z. starts his experiments with ben's snow groomer, returns to his remote laboratory and only then realizes that there is something quintessential he has forgotten. the rose for beauty, his assistant...

© 2009, a production by lawine torrèn on behalf of prinoth - BEAST,

winner silver dolphin at cannes corporate media & tv awards 2010.