beast night

product presentation & live-performance on 27 march 2009, seegrube, innsbruck

for the market launch of the BEAST, the biggest and most powerful snow groomer in the world, the advertising agency hannomayr.communication has commissioned the artists' network lawine torrèn with the production of a science-thriller. director hubert lepka has recreated the fairy tale of "the beauty and the beast", putting it in a contemporary setting on a high alpine stage. the live performance at 6:45 p.m. was followed by a gathering in the restaurant seegrube, where the audience had the opportunity of meeting the BEAST and dance until 3 a.m.

“with the BEAST, we open up a completely new dimension of slope grooming. due to its superior climbing and pushing capabilities the BEAST is more efficient and more economically advantageous than any other snow groomer“, says werner amort, president of prinoth.
the "beast night" has arisen from the interface of economy and art. a "teaser strategy" was chosen for the introduction of the BEAST; an entirely new category of machines. the announcement of a "cinemascope thriller" by prinoth is intentionally misleading, making the audience expect the premiere of a film at first.
this communication strategy of the south tyrolean company (developed by hannomayr.communication), to present their new product, perfectly matches the artistic idea of lawine torrèn.
evoking an association with film is deliberate, even though the cinematic principle takes a backseat during the live performance. this play on media-related expectations is resolved twofold: the product BEAST plays the lead in the performance and thus becomes the star of the night.


„the beauty and the beast“

what has happened so far?

the invitees have received a short clip along with their invitation: ben, the driver of a snow groomer and a graffiti artist, is in love with an unknown beauty. in order to find her, he spray-paints roses onto the concrete walls of zaha hadid's hungerburg funicular. martha, a doyenne of architecture, catches him red-handed, has him arrested and confiscates his snow groomer. only after erasing all roses would he be given back his machine. meanwhile, she cedes ben's snowcat to professor z, a nuclear physicist, for his experiments. in order to pick up the machine, professor z leaves the laboratory and promises his assistant beauty he would bring her a rose...
an extended version of the film (by stefan aglassinger, mediacreation) is shown before the live show.


live at the beast night
on the day of the event, when the guests board the hungerburg funicular, they hear a short radio drama, which recapitulates the previous dramatic occurrences.
the narrative style then changes on arrival of the funicular at the top - it continues as a large scale performance: in front of a giant "cinemascope video wall", prof. zbigniev zielinsky takes a remote control and moves the disassembled snow groomer down into his subterranean labyrinth. beauty, at the summit station, observes and actuates the start of the experiment. when professor z arrives at the hafelekar, he realises he has forgotten the rose. beauty is exasperated. after an argument, she flees from the control station on the gondola's roof. meanwhile, down at seegrube, ben hesitates to remove the last of the graffiti roses. beauty lures him into the collider tunnel in order to escape the searchlights of professor z. the experiment is in full swing in the tunnel, making it necessary for beauty and ben to flee within 60 seconds, as otherwise they would be cryogenised. there is no time to circumvent the laser security system, so they take the first available machine and break free. alarm. professor z is raging with anger. the two have taken the BEAST, the professor's terrific thing. a wild chase with skidoos, under fire from a helicopter. then martha intervenes: ben should make a decision...