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dance of the trees at donaupark
lawine torrèn will visualize the linzer klangwolke in 2015 for the third time
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engel (2015)

the flight of angels as an invisible tale and performative shooting
kollegien curch and university square, salzburg
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hannibal (2013 | 2015)

glacial theatre
sölden, rettenbach glacier
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friedl of the empty pockets (2013 | 2014)

a "hiking theatre" leading from vent to  marzellferner glacier (ötztal | tyrol)

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schafberg 1911 (2013 | 2014)

SCHAFBERG 1911 – HEADING FOR THE MOON – a performance on the edge of the schafberg abyss

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drachen (2013)

a shooting performance

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max.imilian (2013)

invisible tale,, wels (a)

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pilgrim (2012)

a musically dance investigation in realtime with music by ars nova at the original location of fortress hohensalzburg.

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frutiger (2012)

open air performance within tanz_house festival 2012

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gangart (2012)

a mining performance to celebrate 1,300 years of ore mining at the styrian erzberg

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musicircus (2011)

lawine torrèn realizes john cage's MUSICIRCUS for this year's opening party of the salzburg festival

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sofa machine (2011)

the enzos' entering as performative architecture on behalf of tanzquartier wien for the celebration of "10 years mq"

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BABY JET (2010)

visualized klangwolke linz 2010 - an incredible concept for the future of railway.

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polyphem (2009)

an ancient story told in a new way

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jochen rindt - a race driver opera (2009)

between lotus and lola

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1000 acres dance (2009)

a play for heaven on behalf of linz09 school project

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the beast (2009)

cinemascope thriller for prinoth

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rendez-vous (2008)

an opening event for the roll out of red bull mobile

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lawine torrèn in 30 seconds (2007)

lawine torrèn in 30 seconds
see it first!

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leviathan (2006)

a tale of tanks
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mars : 2068 (2006)

sölden, rettenbach glacier
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division at banks (2005)

"teilung am fluss" (german title). klangwolke linz
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if music be the food of love (2004)

launch event for the new mercedes benz class-a
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taurus rubens (2003)

aerial theatre
salzburg airport, hangar-7
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alpha wolf (2002)

a science-fiction-story between jack london and stanley kubrick
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euro_parade (2001)

350 tons of money on their way to salzburg.
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savage air (2001)

a poetic class of physics at zeltweg air base

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kalkstadt (1996)

a tale of the departure of intelligent machines and humans from a cement factory towards paradise

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a power from the north (1995)

open air/videoessay for the inauguration of the chp "heizkraft nord" operated by salzburg ag

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1161-tank buster (1994)

dance thriller in the crime-genre

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